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April 2017



It’s SUMMER! Plan the New School Year Now

Keeping up with schoolwork and making better grades during the school year doesn’t just happen for many of the students I work with, maybe your child is included. You have to design your child’s school year before it actually begins. Summer is usually the best time to do this. A few preparations over the summer break can help to make the next school better for your child and less stressful for you. This will allow you to identity what skills your child to hone or learn to get a headstart without the added pressure of homework, projects, quizzes, and tests. A simple yet strategic adjustment can make a big difference for students who have learning and/or cognitive challenges due Dyslexia, …

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3 Incredibly Simple Ways to Reduce Homework Stress

Your child may get homework everyday, so having a plan that make doing homework fun and quick is essential. The right environment, tools and routine are 3 simple ways to conquer homework stress. You can start using these tips today.  1. Set-up a dedicated work area for your child This will become the zone that your child associates with doing homework. This area should be free of distraction or have as little distraction as possible so your child can focus and work faster.  It shouldn’t be your child’s bedroom (the brain associates that area with rest and relaxation, not intense mental work); or the kitchen table or the dining room.. A home office is ideal if the phone is muted …

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Critical Questions to Help You Uncover Your Child’s Learning Challenges.

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