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When instruction is brain-based, targeted, simplified, and multi-sensory, then students can stop struggling and memorizing only and start thriving in school.

How we know? We help students learn and excel in their schoolwork everyday.

In-person & online Sessions


Why Parents and Educators Choose Why I Learn

Key Insight

We use a series of tests to identify your child’s skills. The results show where the learning gaps are and we show you how we can strengthen the weak skills, so that your child can excel. Discover how a Roadmap Session can help you understand your child’s strengths and opportunities, and their path to excel in the classroom.

Faster Results

We help the students we teach make breakthroughs that allow them to thrive in the classroom – continuously.  Our methods work where others haven’t, because understanding your child’s unique strengths and opportunities is the basis of our work. This means your child learns faster and you get the best return on investment.

Personalized Instruction

Your child will get personalized 1-on-1 instruction and attention throughout their session. Your child’s learning plan will consist of targeted concepts and skills your child needs to master in order for him to reach grade level and make better grades in school.

Knowledgeable Instructors

We are in the business of making your child successful and independent. We’ve spent the last 18+ years learning and mastering effective brain-based programs and teaching strategies. This means your child will recieve the specialized instruction he needs to focus, learn, think critically, thrive in school, and make better grades.

Getting results through creative approaches
is at the heart of what makes us different from the rest.

“One of the sweetest and caring people I have met. Truly cares about what she is teaching and if it is making sense to you. She is also very wonderful about being creative and entertaining to keep you engaged. Tons of patience! I would hands down recommend taking one of her courses! Hoping to have the privilege to benefit from more of her lessons.”

“I took her class when I was in ESOL lv3, I really miss that day, she is a nice person and An easy A teacher. love her and my class so much!”                                                              

“She is a real gem, all of her lectures were so amazing”

A personalized learning plan, 1:1 attention, science-based methods, a low distraction environment, and positive learning experiences allow children to thrive in the classroom, and beyond.

If you want to see your child break through the struggles, improve their skills and get better grades, contact us today.

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Critical Questions to Help You Uncover Your Child’s Learning Challenges.

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